How To Apply Makeup For Small Eyes

Women with small eyes often complain about how tricky it gets to apply makeup. You want your eyes to look brighter and wider. You don’t need to worry because you aren’t alone. Our very own B-town divas like Anushka Sharma, Nagris Fakhri and Shraddha Kapoor have small eyes but they know how bring out the glamour in their eyes.

Given below are a couple of tips of how to make your eyes stand out beautifully.

Clean Cut Eyebrows

The first step should be that you groom your eyebrows. The eyebrow helps frame your eyes so keep them clean and cut. Keep it on the thin side as it makes your eyes look bigger than they normally look.



Highlight Under Your Brow

Use a lighter shade just under your brow, as anything we highlight comes forward. This makes your eyes look brighter and larger.

highlight eyebrows


Conceal Your Dark Circles

Hide your under eye bags with a concealer and blend it will. It will help enhance your eyes and makes them look bigger. Dream Lumi Touch Concealer helps cover these imperfections in one touch.

concel under eye


Shade Your Eyes

Lighter shades make your eyes look bigger. You can shade your eyes with two colors but keep the darker color away from you eye duct so as to make your eyes look bigger. The Wine Pink Diamond Glow Eyeshadow gives you the subtle shimmer you need beautiful glow it needs.

eye shadow


Thin Lines On Your Eyes

You want your small eyes to look bigger so do not get carried away with the liner. Make a thin line on the upper lid of your eyelashes. A very bold fat line defies the purpose. Wing the eyeliner upwards from the outer corner of your eye slightly. Don’t forget to line your lower lash line, a thin stroke would be just right.



Widen Your Eyelashes

You want your eyelashes to be noticed and spread out. Apply a coat of mascara on your upper as well as lower eyelid. The mascara helps give a more intense look and your eyelashes spread out which makes them look bigger.


You don’t have to worry about your eyes being small anymore! Glam your eyes up.

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