How To Apply Liquid Eyeliner

How To Apply Liquid Eyeliner Like a Pro

Eyeliner is the most basic and yet an essential part of your everyday eye makeup look. If you are just beginning to experiment with eye makeup, do not get overwhelmed with the number of products that are available. Liquid eyeliners are perfect for highlighting the contours of your eyes and can give your look a dramatic twist. But it may take a good deal of patience and practise to perfect it. With these tips and tricks mentioned below, you will be able to apply any liquid eyeliner like a pro.

Liquid eyeliners can come in two forms. One as a felt pen and the other as a dip brush eyeliner. The first kind is easy to apply because you can hold it like a pen when moving it along your lash line. The other kind works like a nail polish, where you dip the brush into the pot of kajal before applying. This can be done whenever your brush runs out of kajal. Choose the type of eyeliner that you are more comfortable with.

How To Apply?

To know how to get the perfect eye makeup look with a liquid eyeliner, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Before applying the eyeliner, conceal your under eye dark spots and blemishes with a concealer. Apply the concealer in long strokes instead of just dots so that it can blend easily with your skin. The Dream Lumi Touch Concealer is a good option to try out.

Step 2: The next step is to steady your hand in a position that will make the application easy. For this keep your elbows on the table and face the mirror. This position will keep your hand steady while applying the eyeliner.

Step 3: To apply the eyeliner, start from the mid-section of your eye lids and make small dashes towards the outer side.Connect all the dashes with a single stroke of eyeliner. Then apply the eyeliner on the inner part of your eyelids and connect it to the mid-section. Finally go over the full line in one stroke to give it perfect definition.

Step 4: Allow the liquid eyeliner to dry completely before opening your eyes so that the eyeliner does not smudge on to the crease of your eyes. To complete the look, apply two coats of mascara like the Volum’ Express Hypercurl to give your lashes some volume.

You can also Apply Liquid Eyeliner Under Your Eyes by following the steps mentioned in this article.

Eyeliner Styles You Can Try

After you have mastered the basic stroke of the eyeliner, you can experiment with these different styles to define your look further:

  • Cat Eyes Look:
    The Cat eyes look is the most loved eye makeup look. It has been spotted on celebs and models alike. To get the cat eyes look, extend the eyeliner outside your upper eye lid. This look is easy and perfect for a daytime look too. The double cat eye look is also in vogue, which can be done by experimenting with different colors.

Cat Eyeliner Look

  • Winged Eyeliner Look:
    Another eyeliner style that is loved by girls all over the world is the Winged eyeliner look. To get this look, extend the eyeliner in a wing style going upward towards your brow. This gives your eyes a bold, dramatic look. Get the double winger liner look by applying the same technique to your lower lash too.

Winged Eyeliner Look

  • Arrow Eyes Look:

This is a modern style that you can pull off for an evening look. To get this look, extend the eyeliner to the outer part of your eye lids in a complete straight line and connect this line to your lower lash line too.

Arrow Eyeliner Look

Some Eyeliner Tips And Tricks:

ü  While applying liquid eyeliner keep the application brush as close to the lash line as possible. This helps to highlight the lashes too.

ü  In case your eye liner gets smudged, immediately remove it with some cotton and eye makeup remover.

ü  For small eyes, extend the eye liner outwards to make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

ü  For big, protruding eyes, apply a thin line of eyeliner on your upper lash line and a thicker line on your lower lash line.

ü  Do not apply the eyeliner around the full circle of your eyes as it will make your eyes look close set or smaller.

ü  Never apply mascara before you apply an eye liner.

ü  Experiment with your eye makeup look by applying different colored eyeliners during the day and dark black eyeliners during the night.

ü  Do not overdo your eye makeup by applying very thick lines of eyeliner. Try experimenting with different colored eyeliners to define your look further.

For a video tutorial on How To Apply Liquid Eyeliner, click here:


We hope you found the above points useful. In case you have some useful tips, do share it with us in the comments section below.

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