Nail Art For Short Nails

Nail art is a fashion trend that has never been out of vogue. We love flaunting our polished tips and we make sure to give our nails equal importance as it is a vital to our overall look. But, not all of us are blessed with long nails to flaunt the fanciest nail art styles. If you have short nails, do not get disheartened, as the following simple nail art designs for short nails are perfect for your nails. Try out these styles and get trendy nails in minutes!

Designing nail art on shorter nails is easier and less time consuming. To get your nail art right, you need to follow some basic nail care tips first. Here are some tips to help you perfect nail art at home.

Basic Nail Care:

*Your nail art will look shabby if your nails are brittle or unhealthy. Care for your finger nails by washing your hands before applying the nail polish to remove any dirt that may have settled on your nails.

*Use a nail file to give your nails a desired shape. For short nails, a rounded shape or a square shape looks better than a pointy shape. After filing your nails apply a good nail cream to protect your nails from becoming brittle and chipping off.

* Allow your nails to dry for a few minutes. After that you can apply a base coat to your nails to give it a smooth foundation. Crystal Clear Color Show Nail Polish works well as a base coat.

Easy Nail Art Designs for Short Nails:

  1. Triangular Nail Art:
    Geometric designs are a big nail trend and they look fabulous even on short nails. Use two or more contrasting colors get this nail art. In case of any difficulty, you can use some scotch tape to help you get the right shape.
  1. Triangular Nail Art
  2. Half Moon Nail Art:
    This style is very chic and modern, yet, very easy to do. You can even try this nail art style with glitter nail polish. Use reinforcement tape to get a rounded shape at the base of your nail.
    Pink And Gold Half Moon Nail Art Tutorial
  3. Polka Dot Nail Art:
    This nail design is  loved all over the world. You can experiment with different nail polish shades and use a bobby pin to get the dotting effect.
    Polka Dot Nail Art
  4. Thin Stripe Nail Art:
    This nail design is very easy and makes your nails look gorgeous. Use different shades of nail colors to enhance this style further. Use a very thin brush to draw the line either horizontally or vertically.
    Single Stripe Nail Art
  5. Inverse Manicure Nail Art:
    This classy style is the opposite of a French manicure. For this style, use a reinforcement tape to cover the nail from the top and color the nail jut the base.
  6. Inverse French Nail Art

Nail Art for Short Nails Video

Tips To Make Your Nails Longer And Stronger:

  • The most important thing to do is to drink lots and lots of water. This helps to hydrate your nails keeping dryness and dullness away.
  • Soak your hands in warm water with a few drops of lemon and honey in it. Follow this process once a week to help your nails grow long and stay clean.
  • To help your nails become stronger, rub a pod of garlic on your cuticles twice a week and then wash your hand with warm water.
  • Trim your nails regularly to get rid of any weakness on your nail bed. Trimming nails also keeps dirt away.
  • Rub some vitamin E oil or Olive oil on your cuticles and massage your finger to increase the blood circulation to your nails.

With these simple nail art designs for beginners, you will not be afraid to flaunt your short nails again. If you found these tips useful or if you have some tips you would like to share with us, mention it in the comments section below!

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