52 Nail Art Designs

5 Nail Art Designs For Beginners

What is the most fun and easiest way to jazz up your nails? You’re right – it is nail art! With endless options at your disposal, you can pick whichever design you like. We have compiled a few simple yet interesting designs for you and here’s how you can create them. 


Nail Art For Short Nails

Having long nails is such a blessing, isn’t it? You can flaunt your polished tips and there are so many designs that you can experiment with. But, not all of us are blessed with long nails to flaunt the trendiest nail art styles. Fret not; we bring you a list of nail art designs that…

Wedding Nail Art Trends

5 Nail Art Trends To Try This Wedding Season

The wedding season has already begun. Where everything is lit up, and you are dressed in a gorgeous dress and jittery makeup, the eventful season begs for an edgy, indie nail art. While trends like glitter extensions, diamante nails, 3D nail styling, metallic nail paint and permanent gel polish have always been in vogue, it’s…

Winter Nails

5 Nail Art Styles You Must Try This Winter

5 Winter Looks, exclusively for your nails. This winter, let your nails have some fun too. Here is a list of five nail art patterns you can do yourself without running to the salon. All you need is some nail polish from our color show range. But before you take on the city with your glammed…


The Perfect Nail Art Tools

Summer is almost here, girls! It’s time to bring out those bright Color Show shades and have fun with nail-art! But when too many colors come together, it often leads to a rather messy situation! Below are a few hacks to make nail art simple.easy.fun!


Simple Nail Art Designs With Color Show Go Graffiti

Love nail art? Here is the perfect article for you. Most girls today love experimenting and trying new styles of nail art. The problem with nail art is that it takes a while to do and a lot of patient. But don’t worry girls! Maybelline is always here to help, as many of you may…

Get Nailed

Get Nailed: How To Get Your Nails Street-Styled

Fashion has always played with the idea of street culture. This trend is only getting hotter this summer with graffiti-styled nail-art going mainstream. The street art of graffiti replicated on nails are bringing to live the idea of perfect playfulness ideal for a spring summer look with various particle shapes, sizes and textures. If you…

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Floral Nail Art Designs

Are you ready to kick back this summer and do the things you’ve always wanted to do? Nail art! Get set to get all the latest Spring Summer Trends on your nails with some easy nail art styles you can do yourself. Spring is all about the flower power so here are some simple nail…


Skin Care Tips

What’s the first thing you notice when you see someone? Any guesses? The answer would be their skin. Some of us take the good skin we have for granted and the rest of us struggle to take care of it. Everyone wants perfect skin but to maintain it we need to nourish and take care…

Houndstooth Nail Art Tutorial

Houndstooth Nail Art Tutorial

Want do you stand out from the crowd? Try sporting a unique, eye-catching nail art style! Yes, glam up your tips with innovative nail art trends and wow the world with your funky tips! Gone are the days when coloring your nails was considered taboo. Yes, believe it or not, but women who painted their…