Tips To Apply Morning Makeup In 5 Minutes

Not a morning person? Is dragging yourself out of bed and in to the shower a big task, but you still refuse to leave your house without makeup? Here are a few makeup tips which will earn you some extra sleep time in the morning:

How To Wear Bright Eyes

This season calls for playing with color, we say. It’s all about bold, vibrant, electric and neon hues. Follow the trend by painting your eyes bright. Here’s how:

How To Embrace The Skinny Jeans Trend

For a moment, everyone thought that the bell-bottomed jeans will come back in style. However, they never found their way back in to the fashion world, since the skinny jeans trend refuses to fizzle out. Skinny jeans have proven to us that they are here to stay!

How To Wear The Dream Lumi Touch Concealer

The Dream Lumi Touch Concealer illuminates your skin while it conceals it. The concealer should be an essential part of your makeup, since it brightens up a sleepy face and covers up the dark circles under your eyes. Here’s how you can use it correctly:

Quick Fixes For Makeup Mishaps

Makeup mishaps are very common when you’re in a rush. You either tend to put on too much foundation, or maybe your lipstick extends outside your lip lines. Whatever the problem is, we’ve got some quick fixes for your makeup mishaps: 

How To Get Smokey Eyes

When in doubt, wear smokey eyes, we say. The classic smokey eye effect is bold and can make your eyes stand out. Here are a few quick steps on how you can master it: Step 1: Apply the Dream Lumi Touch Concealer over your eyelids in order to create a smooth base for your eye…