Top 5 Eye Trends 2013

This season has been about eyes that stand out. Ready to create statement eyes instantly? Here are the top 5 eye trends of 2013:

BB Stick Tutorial

Do your blemishes ruin your mood? Are you worried about the damage the sun will cause to your skin? Don’t be, because the BB Stick has come to your rescue. Here are a few quick tips on how to use it:

How To Wear The Dream Touch Blush

If you’re the kinds who prefers to go with natural makeup look, then knowing how to wear blush becomes essential, since it becomes the most important part of your entire look. Here are a few instant tips on how to use the Dream Touch Blush:

5 Makeup Secrets You Didn’t Know

Ever wondered why her makeup looks better than yours? You won’t have to, anymore! Here are 5 secrets that will give you a new insight into makeup:– Always wanted those voluptuous lips, but a thin upper lip got in the way? We’ve got an instant fix for you.  Roll a piece of tissue and tuck…