“Lift up your head princess. If not, the crown falls.”

How To Embrace the ‘Studs’ Trend

Studs and spikes seem to be the rage this season. They’re everywhere! – Bags, shoes, tops, jackets, shorts, scarfs, sunglasses, hats, jeans and even nails. The runway models have also been adding studs to their eyelids and lashes. Although we don’t recommend taking the trend that far.

5 Daily Makeup Tips For College

College is about to start and you obviously don’t want to worry about your kajal smudging or foundation melting every day. Here are five instant tips which will help you get through each day of college without being concerned about your makeup:


Makeup Tricks For The Monsoon

If you never step out anywhere without your makeup, monsoon might not be your favorite season. But don’t let the rains dampen your style. You can still wear makeup on a rainy day, as the trick lies in knowing what’s right. Here are a few makeup tips and tricks that will help you sail smoothly…

Makeup To Wear To A Music Concert

Going to see your favorite band live and confused about how to look? We can solve your problem instantly, pretties. Regardless of whether you’re wearing a high waist shorts and a tank top, or a leather jacket and skinny jeans, follow these steps and you’re sure to look Glam: