Simple Nail Art Designs With Color Show Go Graffiti

Love nail art? Here is the perfect article for you. Most girls today love experimenting and trying new styles of nail art. The problem with nail art is that it takes a while to do and a lot of patient. But don’t worry girls! Maybelline is always here to help, as many of you may know Maybelline New York has recently launched the Go Graffiti Nail Polishes. Nail art now comes in one bottle! Color Show Go Graffiti has been introduced in 9 variants.

Since we know how much you girls love nail art, given below are a couple of nail art designs we are sure you will love so read on.

 1. Summer Alternates 


Step 1: Take two different shades from the Color Show Nail Polishes and apply each of them on every alternate nail. Apply either one coat or two, depending on what you prefer. Make sure you let it dry for a couple of minutes before applying the second coat.

Step 2: Take two different variants of the Color Show Go Graffiti Nail Polish as well, and apply each of them on every alternate nail as shown in the picture above.

Step 3: To get a glossy finish, apply a thin transparent coat. And there! Nail art in a minutes!


2. Power Floral


Step 1: Apply a double coat of the Orange Mix Color Show Nail Polish and all your finger tips. Leave it to dry for a couple of minutes before applying the second coat.

Step 2: Take the Flower Power Go Graffiti Nail Polish and apply a thin coat on all your finger nails. Make sure that while applying spread the graffiti well across your nail.

Two simple steps and you’re ready! A good pick for a summery day.


3. Split And Style



Step 1: Start by applying Lavender Lies Color Show Nail Polish  only on half your nail as shown in the picture above and make sure you let it dry properly. But only on alternate nails.

Step 2: On the each nail you haven’t applied nail polish apply the Go Graffiti Lucky Lavender and start those from the base of your nail but paint only half.

Step 3: Fill each of the other half’s which are empty, with the other variant ( Lavender Lies or Lucky Lavender ). Take reference of the picture shown above.

Easy to do nail arts right? And what’s the best part, it hardly takes any time!

Love it? Tell us what you think in the comments below.


Color Show 

Color Show Go Graffiti