Smoky Eyes Tutorial

Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

When it comes to eye makeup, there is nothing more classy and bold than the Smokey Eyes Look. Smokey Eyes Makeup is by far the most popular trend among celebs and fashionistas all over the world. The best part about this look is that it is perfect for any eye shape. If you want to sport it too, follow this smokey eye makeup tutorial to get intense, glamorous-looking eyes. Want to know how to do eye makeup? click here.

Smokey eye makeup may appear hard and tedious to do, but in reality it is very simple. After you perfect the look, you can start experimenting with different styles and colors to define your eyes with a bold new twist. However, remember to keep the rest of your face makeup subtle so that your makeup does not look over done.

Prepare Your Eyes

To get perfect Smokey eyes, you will need to use products that are not out of date. Also, eyeliner brushes and blending brushes will come in handy. Start by applying a concealer over your eyelids to cover all the dark spots and to give your eyelids a smooth base for the makeup. Apply a very light touch of concealer on the under eye area, not a lot, as the eye shadow powder tends to stick to the concealer. After applying concealer, apply one coat of a very light shade of eye shadow on your lids. The first shade from the Wine Pink Diamond Glow Eye Shadow palette is a good neutral shade that you can apply.

Smokey Eye Look With an Eye Shadow

To get the Smokey eyes look using an eye shadow, follow these steps:

  1. First apply a light-colored eye shadow towards the inner corner of your eyes and spread the eye shadow till the mid-section of your eyelids. For this you can try the first shade from the Grey Pink Diamond Glow Eye Shadow palette.
  2. Next, apply black eye shadow on the outer corner of your eyelids and spread it towards the middle. The last shade from the same eye shadow palette will be perfect for this look. Use a blending brush to merge the two shades evenly to get the Smokey eye look.
  3. Using a flat eyeliner brush, apply the dark shade of the eye shadow below your lower lash line too. Use your fingers to slightly smudge the eye shadow and join it with the eye shadow that you have applied on the top.
  4. Finally, apply some dark kohl like the Colossal Kajal on your lower lash line to complete the look. Apply a light touch of concealer around your eyes to give it a cleaner look.

Smokey Eye Makeup Video:

Smokey Eye Look With An Eyeliner

Creating the Smokey eye look with eyeliner is just as easy to do as with an eye shadow.

  1. For this, use a gel based eyeliner like the Lasting Drama Gel Liner and make hashtag-shaped lines near the outer corner of the eyelids. Click here for detailed article on how to apply eyeliner professionally.
  2. Use a brush or a cotton swab to smudge the eyeliner towards the middle of your eyelids.
  3. Apply a dark smudge proof kajal on your lower lash line and extend it towards your eye lids. Know more about how to apply kajal perfectly.
  4. Finally add some extra volume to your lashes by applying Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara to your lash line.

Smokey eyes for the day:

Smokey eyes look is not only for the night. You can flaunt this eye makeup look even during the day with subtle shades like pink, light brown or beige. Do not over do the colors or add too much shine as this will look overdone for a day look.

Smokey eyes for the night:

Smokey eyes look is perfect for evening events. Go bold with dark black, blue, bronze or silver eye shadows to get a sultry look. Experiment with different styles like the cat eye look to give your eyes a more dramatic effect.

With these simple Smokey eye makeup tips, you can make your eyes look smoking hot in minutes! How do you create the Smokey eye look? Are there any tips you follow to make this eye makeup look easy to do? Do share with us these tips in the comments section below.

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